Reinventing Michael Banks is the resulting product of WILL Interactive’s Simulate A Better World Challenge. This competition asked contestants to identify an important societal issue that could be effectively addressed through WILL’s patented interactive behavior modification methodology. Coming Home Project, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Veterans and their families, won the challenge for their submission which addressed the issues confronted by transitioning Service Members.

The Need

Our Service Members learn responsibility, accountability, teamwork, and professionalism during their time in the service but face the challenge of translating and marketing their military occupational skills to potential employers. After transitioning into the civilian workplace, some need support handling the lingering effects of their service and new transition-related stressors.

Employers are often missing effective tools and resources for hiring Veterans. The right tools will help to identify, understand and support the strengths that Veterans bring to the workplace.

Reinventing Michael Banks is an interactive movie that addresses the needs of both transitioning Service Members and employers by allowing participants to take an active role in the decisions and lives of a Veteran, a corporate recruiter, an HR professional and a supervisor.


The Statistics

Each year, the U.S. military discharges 270,000 active duty members. These numbers are on the rise with the U.S. military decreasing their presence in Afghanistan at the end of 2014. In addition, each United States military service has instituted a mandatory reduction in force that began in 2014 and will continue until 2016. These factors will combine to increase the existing high Veteran unemployment rates.

In 2014, the unemployment rate for all Veterans is at 5.3%, which is .9% lower than the national average. However, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 Veterans is at 7.2%.*

*Statistics taken from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Latest Military Service Personnel

234,000 Officer Personnel; 1 Million Enlisted Personnel; 827,000 Guard & Reserve 234,000 Officer Personnel; 1 Million Enlisted Personnel; 827,000 Guard & Reserve

SOURCE: Defense Manpower Data Center

About WILL

Reinventing Michael Banks utilizes WILL’s unique learning methodology that combines instructional design, behavioral science, adult learning and gaming theories to help improve individual decision-making and performance in the effort to employ, train and retain Veterans.

WILL Interactive is the nation’s leading developer of interactive training movies that are an engaging cross between video games and movies and have created a powerful new education and training genre. WILL works with clients to identify their unique training needs and develop distinct content to produce interactive movies that improve critical thinking, decision making abilities, job performance, and quality of life for their trainees.

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Hilton Worldwide Supports WILL Interactive in its Mission
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“Partners like WILL Interactive are an incredible asset to our program and will help to provide support to Veterans everywhere.”

Rodney Moses - Vice President of Recruitment, Hilton Worldwide

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Potomac Company’s Behavior Program Helps Veterans Learn Interview Process

“We do everything, from concept to delivery — all the research, the writing, filming and the software programing … Its about helping people make better decisions.”

Sharon Sloane - CEO of WILL Interactive

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Interactive Video Aims To Improve Hiring For Veterans

"What I'm coming to see is employment is a key, if not the key player, in a set of interconnected influences on the life-space of a Veteran."

Dr. Bobrow - Coming Home Project

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