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Reinventing Michael Banks is an interactive movie dedicated to helping Veterans, their families and employers address the challenges of transitioning from active-duty service to meaningful civilian employment.

Helps Veterans develop strategies for finding a job as well as life skills needed to successfully navigate the process.

Encourages a Veteran-friendly employment culture and promotes mutual respect, understanding, well-being and success.

Helps employers and related personnel (HR staff, etc.) hire, effectively utilize, support and retain Veteran employees.

How You Can Help

To reach as many Veterans and employers as possible, WILL Interactive is seeking distribution sponsors. If you are interested in learning how your organization can help, please call 301-983-6006 or email us at

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WHAT is Reinventing Michael Banks?

Reinventing Michael Banks is a computer-based interactive movie for transitioning Service Members and Employers. In this program users control the action and experience the consequences of their decisions. This simulation was created by WILL Interactive using a methodology that has been shown to positively influence performance.

While the brain child of WILL, this program was developed in collaboration with Coming Home Project.

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As a Veteran, who has succeeded in the civilian employment arena and as a Veteran Employment Specialist, serving the community of transitioning Service Members; thank you for this excellent resource. You did a great job of capturing and effectively presenting the frustrations Service Members face in the transition process. Also, the abundance of information concerning career search, resume development, interview process, and adjusting to a civilian work place environment; is priceless.

Mr. Michael D. Custer
Easter Seals Crossroads

I am THOROUGHLY enjoying your Reinventing Michael Banks [program]. This approach for presenting people, information, and ideas is just phenomenal.

Actual Reinventing Michael Banks User

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